Silvana D’Addazio, 
Principal Designer

For nearly two decades, Silvana D’Addazio has charmed clients with her sophisticated, yet evocative, design style and intuitive architectural sensibility. Her signature look of comfortable elegance blends traditional tenets of scale, balance and proportion with unique, unexpected details—a creative tension that produces spaces that are refined and luxurious but natural to the owner. 

Silvana’s portfolio includes high-end rural retreats, upscale urban interiors and exotic vacation destinations in Canada, the United States and The Bahamas. Each project, regardless of its complexity, receives Silvana’s unbridled attention to detail. The result is the ultimate reflection of her clients’ distinctive design vision and unique lifestyle requirements.  

International travel, coupled with an appreciation for handcrafted materials and exotic architecture, are the stylistic vision behind Silvana’s bespoke furniture design. Inspired by Turkish architecture and color, Italian refinement, and the simple grandness of the French, every piece is constructed with impeccable quality and custom appeal by local craftsman and artisans. 

Educated at The Academy of Design, Silvana has worked with two of Canada’s most prestigious Toronto-based interior designers. Her work has been featured in acclaimed design magazines, including Canadian House & Home