Additional Information: 

Q. I'm not sure of what my inspiration is and can not find any photos that apply, will my dimensions and questionnaire be enough information? 

A. We have gone through the design process many times and have become very aware of the information required to designing your space into the room of your dreams. We do require all of the information requested of you and would suggest using some online tools for galleries of images to help you find what you're drawn to. 

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my Tailored Room Box and from what point can I start the count down? 

A. As soon as we receive all of your information you can anticipate receiving your beautiful Tailored Room Box six weeks from that point.  We will notify you by e-mail when we have received all our information and will be in touch with you if we have other questions.  When the Box is ready to be sent out we will let you know to make sure someone will be home to receive it.

Q. Can I call and talk to your design team about my room as I don't feel the questionnaire covered everything I am looking for.

A. You can absolutely add a page with more information to your package you submit to us either online or in the mail. We have created the questionnaire as a good point of reference that should include all information needed so feel free to expand within that!  The Tailored Room is set up as an On-Line Design Service.  If you have anything you would like to add you can absolutely do so with the package you are sending us.  If after you've sent us the package and you want to add to it you have two days after that to add.  Typically this is the time we spend reviewing your package and will still accept any additions and changes.  

Q. What am I paying for in the design fee? 

A. We are providing you with a design service which includes the selection of furniture pieces, fabrics, finishes, and any necessary drawings required for you to get a beautifully finished room Tailored to you!  My design team and I will review your package, correspond with you via E-mail, come up with a concept, working towards your budget, source all fabrics and furniture and finishes.  We put together a story board with all the finishes and pieces all to make it easy for you to finish the room.  Finally, you are hiring us to execute your wishes for the room  with our style, vision and expertise.

Q. If I have selected Cashmere as my design budget, in what ways am I getting a higher grade then the Merino? 

A. You will see upgrades in the fabric choices, amount of toss pillows, details added to furniture, finish material ie. marble vs. laminate or poly blend fabric vs. wool fabric. Custom pieces vs already made and available pieces.  We will gather from the questionnaire what is most important to you as far as quality and make design choices to make sure we meet that. 

Q. At which point in the process is it acceptable for me to change my mind and cancel my Tailored Room Box?

A. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your purchase.  We ask that you give this as much thought as possible before you make the purchase.  We also ask you to email us with any questions or hesitations you have about purchasing our service.  We are happy to answer any questions that are not covered on our website.  Once the purchase is made we give you two days for any cancellations.  In this case there will be a small processing fee of $_____But we will refund the remainder of total amount paid.  After we receive your package and work is started there will be no refunds after that.  

Q. Who will be doing the purchasing of the items that you select? 

A. Because we are extending our designer discount to you, you will be doing the purchasing of the items.  You will receive all the information you will need to purchase the item as well as a code for each piece we've selected.  By referencing that code the designer discount will be extended to you.

Q. In my renovation project, for what purposes can I use the drawing package in my Tailored Room Box? 

A. The drawings and plans provided are for your better understanding of the space. Your contractor will be able to get pricing for the work proposed, he can work from these to get the job as close to our specifications as possible.   These can be used for tile pattern layout, electrical and lighting locations, paint colours, everything he will need to finish the job.  These drawings are not to be used for city permits.  We ask that you discuss any wall demolition with your contractor before even hiring us.  We are not engineers and will not know if a wall is structural or not and moreover will not suggest that you tear down a wall unless you request this.